Women Photograph Workshop, 2018

Women Photograph Workshop, 2018

Photoville, 2017

Photoville, 2017


Community engagement incorporates photography into organizing strategies to activate and maximize social change.

Examples include:

  • Partnering with advocates and activists working on issue

  • Collaborating with community members in making images

  • Hosting town hall meetings with community members impacted by affected issues at regular intervals throughout the project

  • Accompanying images with audio from interviews

  • Including archival imagery, community ephemera, community writing, and personal narratives in project

  • Creating public art installations through wheat paste posters, projections, vinyl images, community screenings, or pop up installations and connect audiences to direct action

  • Creating space for small, intimate conversations among particular groups, or larger opportunities to bring these groups together

  • Using technology, such as VR, SMS texting, or the creation of an app to mobilize community members around a targeted outcome